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Hanging Gardens: olfactory art exhibition

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A garden is not a creation of nature, it’s the result of a creative and aesthetic relationship between nature and people. And what else if not the sense of smell can say what is behind the human desire to raise gardens to the sky?

Scent-based exhibits by nine artists imagine the oldest historical gardens and explain the scents of artificial, isolated and miniature gardens.

Artists: Laimė Kiškūnė, Gael Peltier (France), Jurga Katakinaitė-Jakubauskienė, Reda Valentinavičienė, Nomeda Jucevičienė, Vita Mašalienė, Eglė Stankevičiūtė, Veronika Gribauskaitė, Ina Kučinskė, Urtė Milda Širvinskaitė

Entire project programme: www.hortusapertus.lt

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, UAB Kvapų namai (House of Scents).


2017 - 04 - 09
2017 - 05 - 06