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All week events in Kaunas “Pienocentro” company’s chamber

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  • Home décor Ratu Deco elements collection “On a wheel of Linen Colour”
  • Donatas Norušаs’ sculpture exhibition “The Course”
  • Furniture design exhibition “Become The Part of Antique Furniture History”, A. Jasevičius furniture – we make your ideas (“Rumšiškių baldai”)
  • Exhibition of National Kaunas Drama Theatre performance posters „The Past – an Inexhaustible Treasure for Today’s Creation Works”.
  • Interwar Lithuanian advertisement exhibition in iconic Kaunas’ Modernism Palace.
  • Exhibition of modernist design furniture “Seen”
  • LUOTAS – the first Lithuanian rowing board (Native.lt)
  • Rokenbau installation “From the Start”
  • Installations “Look’s Purification Stages” and “Mosaic Mirrors” (“Glass Hose”)
  • City nest of the design salon “Interjero erdvė“. Come take a break!
  • VAA Ceramics and Porcelain and Textiles Department. Exhibition “Meetings”. Ieva Buliolytė’s fabric collection “Awakening Under the Oak” and Edvinas Vasiliauskas’ workshop “The Play With a Light”
  • Author’s exhibition of jewellery objects “To Domesticate the Heaven” by Martyna Bartkutė.
  • “APARTMENT 1966” exhibition of furniture and interior furniture of sixties
  • Greta Grendaitė’с exhibition “FLORA AND FAUNA”
  • Julija Pociūtė’s exhibition “ Untitled”
  • Arunė Ščiupokaitė installation “Imagine the Memories”
  • Dalia Dudaitė’s exhibition “GRAŽU+GRAŽu=GRAŽU2” ( “BEAUTIFUL+ BEAUTIFUL= BEAUTIFUL2”)
  • “Exhibit” exhibition by L.E. Kolmogorcevas
  • Svetlana Batura’s photography exhibition “Dance In Your Pocket”
  • KTU Mechanical Engineering and Design Faculty exhibitions: “Linomagija-III” ( “Linen Magic-III), “Towards KTU Diploma”
  • KTU photo studio mobile-graphic exhibition “Phone records”
  • Severija Inčirauskaitė–Kriaunevičienė’s exhibition “Path with roses”
  • Creation angle 360. Exhibition „The Old One Is New One”
  • Trash Design Exhibition “Real life playback” Henrik Enbom (Finland)
  • Absurd ideas. Exhibition “Talking Gardens”
  • Martynas Plepys. Photography exhibition “ Excursus: Find. Be surprised. Get to Know.”
  • VAA Telš Exhibition “Tradition and innovations”
  • Kaunas A.Martinaitis Art School students’ works in exhibition “Home”
  • Kaunas College J. Vienožinskis Arts Faculty, Design Department. Illuminated installations “Mountain of Owls. Letters From a Different Angle”.
  • Kaunas photo club. The biggest cyanotype work in Lithuania on the “Pienocentras” building
  • lt light installation “Hanging”
  • TeKA: berth workshop (from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • Design Week 2016. Kaunas information headquarters.


2016 - 05 - 02
2016 - 05 - 08


Kaunas „Pienocentro“ company’s chamber
Laisvės ave. 55
Kaunas, Lietuva
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