DESIGN WEEK LITHUANIA is an annual event dedicated to the synthesis of insightful solutions, original ideas and professional performance while highlighting the value of good design. All the latest artwork, concepts and products are welcome to join the festival in various forms. In 2010 the festival will take place on September 21-27 in six cities of Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Telšiai and Anykščiai.


  • In the last decade DESIGN WEEK LITHUANIA became traditional and the biggest design event in the whole country.
  • Festival is well-known and had already earned its reputation in the field of design.
  • Festival is taking place in six different cities of Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Telšiai and Anykščiai.
  • Festival is organised by experienced organisation Lithuanian Design Forum.
  • During the festival collaborations with governmental and education institutions, embassies and design representatives from other countries are established.
  • Products and services are being presented to active and creative audience, thus providing excellent conditions for making new contacts and future collaborations.
  • Systematic and trendy festival communication makes sure that your brand or event is well promoted.


2018 October – 2019 February

Online registration of participants’ applications.

2019 August 1st

Last day to submit applications.

2019 September 21 – 27

DESIGN WEEK LITHUANIA is taking place.


Theme: progress. This spring we rely on novelties and variety – let’s focus on recent achievements, progress and innovation. No boundaries are set. Instead – we strive to expand the concept of design, to provide some space not only for aesthetics and performance, but also for insightful functionality and future solutions. Color: ink blue.


  • Young designers and small brands are able to present their work in the windows of shops or cafes on the main streets of Lithuania’s cities.
  • Companies that create, use design or design solutions in their practice are welcome to present their production in their showrooms or studios.
  • Individual events (exhibitions, lectures, workshops) held on a particular day and time, organised by participants fill the festival programme as well.

Sponsorship opportunities:

  • Sponsor for a particular part of the festival.
  • Food / beverages – providing official foods and drinks for the festival; degustations; food design.
  • Car – official DESIGN WEEK LITHUANIA 2019 car can be presented during our events.
  • Wi-Fi – providing internet connection at the most important venues of the festival.
  • Event venue – providing spaces for design exhibitions or events as well as windows for designer expositions around town.
  • Merchandising – join DESIGN WEEK LITHUANIA 2019 merchandising production.
  • Prizes – establish prizes for national design contest GOOD DESIGN winners and other contests.